Mental Health


About This Guide

Find out how to use this guide to find exactly the kind of support and information you’re looking for.

Relationships & Self-Care

Find tips on how to adjust to your new living situation, take care of yourself and manage new relationships.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

In this section you can find information on coping with a current diagnosis in a new environment, finding and speaking with health-care providers, and learning about peer groups and other support.

Self-Advocacy, HIPAA, & FERPA

You have rights related to your mental and physical health and academic support in college. Learn what they are and how to advocate for your needs.

Mental Health, Identity, and Race

Bringing your full self to campus can really help you find your place. This section will dive into identity and mental health resources and tips specific to LGBTQ students and students of color.

Staying Safe

This section is packed with resources on navigating difficult situations you may face. You’ll find information about recreational substance use and misuse, what toxicity looks like in relationships, and how to help yourself or your friends avoid or manage dangerous or risky situations.


Everything you need to know to handle an emergency or mental health crisis.

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Mental Health College Guide
Mental Health College Guide

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If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health, suicide or substance use crisis or emotional distress: